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Free Rintones – The Ultimate Ringtone Portal by Myxer

March 4th, 2011 0 Comments

default Free Rintones   The Ultimate Ringtone Portal by Myxer

Over view of a free ringtones website called You can download free ringtones, make your own free ringtones, and even share your ringtones on your own website. Check it out, it is very cool.

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This is a website where you can download free ringtones, games, wallpapers for free. Sent to your phone from the computer or you can download it from the mobile website. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and add as friend. Please spread the word about my channel to your friends, family, link this channel to facebook, myspace. I would really appreciate it. The link for the desktop version website is , the link for the mobile version of the website is .

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How to Make Money in the Music Industry – Simple, Yet, Effective Tips

How to make money in the music industry is a lot easier than you think, however, people often complicate it till this very day. Too many people make the common mistake of beginning and never finishing in any venture that they try. I feel that when it comes to music, this mistake is too common. I’m going to briefly help you lessen your mistakes and make the most out of your music venture.

Sign Up for as Many Social Networking Sites as You Can
This is a very important step that many people fail to take because they feel as if they only need one website to market their self. You need to have as many social networking pages as possible because this creates maximum exposure. If I were to sell 10 CDs a day in front of my house, I would possibly make decent money. If I were to get 10 people selling 10 CDs a day in front of their house also, I will more than likely be more successful in the music industry. The same thing applies to social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and more. For one, it’s less work that you have to do in the long run and two, more pages equals more people, meaning more money in your pocket. Another trick you can do is sign up for and You can use Soundstation to sell your albums directly to your fans and use Myxer to sell ring tones right on any of your social networking sites by embedding the code’s onto your pages. So many people struggle trying to figure out how to make money in the music industry and one of the answers is as simple as the above.

An Extra Street Marketing Tip
As I said before, the more people you have to sell for you, the less work you have to do. Too often I run into people who have fans that are so into them, they feel it not robbery to enthusiastically tell the artist as if they were in love with the musician and the response the artists will give the fan is “thank you very much.” This is the worst response you can give someone with that much enthusiasm from listening to your music. If you offer to pay them a percentage of sales for the number of records they promote and sell for you, they will more than likely take it because they love you that much. This is a trick that many musicians don’t follow, therefore, now that you know about it, you have an edge on them.

Most people sett


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