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Girls` Generation(????) _ Gee _ MusicVideo

August 4th, 2011 24 Comments

? Girls’ Generation Gee ? SMEntertainment ? Download on iTunes = ? For more Information : ? EXTRAS ? Girls’ Generation Gee Live Wallpaper & Widget app (Android market)

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24 Comments to “Girls` Generation(????) _ Gee _ MusicVideo”

  1. xGlowingStarx says:

    cannot believe it has already been 4 years! happy anniversary, forever SNSD <3

  2. chunghocheong123 says:

    Happy 4th anniversary !!
    I LOVE Girls’ Generation <3

  3. jeremychancpu says:

    sment, i know you guys are starting a new channel and all, but please dont remove this video, the amount of views is kinda like an iconic figure and it has its own meaning.

  4. DoDaNinja says:

    Happy 4th anniversary to SNSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. zxvananhzz says:

    @Bomiie9 we should do that 1 months ago. and now maybe it reach 50m to happy snsd 4th anniversary

  6. canastacio27 says:

    SNSD! We can’t believe it! You made it this far! For four years now!!
    Happy anniversary! I hope you have a great anniversary! God bless!!
    SNSD Saranghae! Us S?NES will always support you!!

  7. ironlovesmile says:

    It’s officially August 5 in Korea! SNSD4thAnni to Girls’ Generation! Thank you for always inspiring us! Let’s continue forward, together! ??? ????! ???? ????! ??? ????! Right now,it’s Girls’ Generation! From now on,it’s Girls’ Generation! Forever,Girls’ Generation!

  8. Taengo09 says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary Soshi!~
    Jigeumeun SNSD
    Apurado SNSD
    Yongwonhee SNSD!~
    SONEs are always here to support our 9 Angels~
    Soshi Saranghae! Proud to be a SONE. :D
    SNSD + SONE= Happy family <3

  9. rikkafrancesca says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary SNSD!!! Thanks for being my inspiration. I’m proud to be a SONE

  10. LiWonFOAF says:

    Let’s trend SNSD4thAnni on twitter
    Go go Sones :D

  11. nineisall says:

    Happy 4th Anniversaries Snsd I love you

  12. sunaxtemari93 says:

    Happy 4th Anniversaries! SNSD Hwaiting!

  13. HelenaYuen says:

    Let’s go to the SMTOWN channel to watch the new music video of Super Junior ‘Mr.Simple’ !!Remember not to watch the other, just watch the mv on the SMTOWN channel~=]

  14. SunnyMyAegyoQueen says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary , Girls’ Generation/SNSD !!! Hope You Had A Great Time Celebrating Together And Make More Awesome Music For The SONEs !!!! Sincerly , Singapore SONE And The Rest Of SONEs In The World !!!! ^^

  15. Waterhaak says:

    4th anniversary of the 9 angels!

  16. CloudKyuu says:

    Forever 9. <3
    Taeyeon <3
    Tiffany <3
    Jessica <3
    Yoona <3
    Yuri <3
    Sunny <3
    Seohyun <3
    Hyoyeon <3
    Sooyoung <3
    The Soshi Bond <3 SNSD Hwaitaeng!

  17. Singacity009 says:

    SNSD4thAnni and Girls’ Generation TWITTER NOW!!!

    Trending. Happy 4th Anniversary SNSD <33333

  18. CloudKyuu says:

    2 more mins to snsd 4th anni!

  19. IERACooLGurL says:

    SNSD the best !! SNSD HWAITING !! <3

  20. rj5201314 says:

    SNSD 4th anniversary !!!!!

  21. Anselmagm says:

    Sone’s!!!!! start twitting SNSD4thAnni on twitter!!!!!! we gonna make em go Worldwide!!!! now we are number 4 on the worldwide trending list!!!!!!! lets support!!!!!!!!!! all twit!!!!!

  22. MrsNoctis4ever says:

    First song i heard from this group, and loved them ever since >.< SNSD HWAITING! <3

  23. charlenedodokok says:

    @juywz That’s true…. Some ELF really dislike and hate us (Sones) although we sincerely want to support your Oppas… I really hope more ELF like you.. Btw, the new SUJU song is nice…. congrates to your Oppas.. :)

  24. TheMoscojuan says:

    Tiffany & sooyoung ! <3